Catfish and the Bottlemen [Q and A]


How did your involvement with Communion Records come about? How do you feel about the whole thing?

They basically just came to see us off hearing some demos and said they wanted to sign us! It was the best feeling in the world! After working your ass off for 3 years and so many people trying to coat-tail you down, when someone like that takes a risk on you it feels amazing. By someone like them, I don't mean the label, I mean the people behind the label. They're some of the best people I've ever met, I feel so at home with them! I know you're supposed to hate the label and that but I genuinely love ours! Our publisher Emily has got something really sexy about her, too!

The video for your new single Rango is absolutely extraordinary. For those that haven’t seen it (I will include a link below) can you give a quick summary of the narrative, please?

Haha, Thanks mate! Basically, our artwork was trying to represent the start of something so I said lets flood it with sperms! I was a test-tube baby (3 attempts it took) so I thought that'd be quite funny, especially when people go around wearing t-shirts with it on. So basically we had this idea of a comic book kind of rat race to the finish line (or in this case the egg). It's just a straight up educational video I assure you.

What (or who) are Bottlemen, and what do they have to do with Catfish? Poor old catfish.

It's just a name really but if I had to say I'd say we were Bottlemen and our Tour Manager was Catfish, cause he's about 9ft 2 and his facial hair has a tramp-like fragrance to it.

You’re in the middle of a UK tour. Where do you look forward to playing most?

Sheffield! ALWAYS SHEFFIELD! Sheffield has been like home to us. It was the first place to ever embrace this band! I'm in love with everyone there!

Do you have any routines that you have to do before a show, or any superstitions that surround your work as a musician?

We karate kick Camels. Genuinely.

If I were to turn of your iPod now, what would be playing?

The Streets! I love Mike Skinner, he's a genius. The Streets.

You’ve been known to offer ‘specials’ which are available to people at your shows. Can you run us through what theses usually involve?

Haha, we get in a bit of trouble for these every now and again! It's just funny! Merch Stands are so awkward, they're like lads toilets so we put stuff up like SEX - £5, EXORCISMS - £60, just to make people laugh and feel at ease! People sometimes get SO offended by that, though! AS IF WE ACTUALLY EXORCIZE DEMONS IN THE BACK OR SOMETHING! Charge someone for sex? The offer alone would be worth its weight in gold.

Tell us a story of debauchery

I gave a beautiful girl a sensual massage and whispered in her ear in a sexy baritone manner! Shortly after.......I karate kicked a naked Camel!

Apparently catfish is good eating. Ever been there?

I haven't, no! But about 3 days ago I stole someone's Squid thinking it was an onion ring. Horrid. Tasted like battered babies finger!

What is the album situation?

The songs are all written so we've just gotta whittle them down and decide what makes the cut! I'm really excited to get into the studio, I normally hate recording cause I get so bored and cabin-feverish but this is our debut album. It's real! I'm excited to sit and work really hard on this!