Fabienne's Top 9 Songs For The Weekend!


We asked London based R&B/Soul artist Fabienne to name her top 9 tracks for the weekend, and give us a little explanation on why she chose them. I will leave you to make your own minds up on what you think these say about her. All we will say is that she has one of the most striking voices that we have heard for a while. Have a listen, and you to will wonder why you hadn’t heard it before (presuming you haven’t, which could well be wrong). There is a link to her website in the youtube video description.

1. Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain

I love how Cypress Hill never seem to take themselves too seriously, this tune is guaranteed to set the tone for a messy weekend...

2. De La Soul - Me Myself & I

De La Soul are another hip hop collective I always think bring fun positive vibes, and if you have friends that are sick dancers, this is the ultimate tune for a dance off...

3. Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y

I got into listening to Queen Latifah pretty recently and this is more chill, but it's perfect for a girls night. When your feeling strong, independent woman vibes, be sure to turn this up louuuuud!

4. Dr Dre - Xxplosive

This is a big tune on it's own, but If the DJ is a good one chances are he will mix in Erykah Badu- Bag Lady with this and I adore Erykah, anytime I hear her voice I'm happy.

5. Kelis & Andre 3000 - Millionaire

If your like me and end up pretty broke by the end of the week, listen to this and for 3 mins pretend your not!

6. Ghost Town DJs - My Boo

When Im out I request this non stop, too much fun to dance to after a few drinks when everyone brings the old school moves...

7. Michael Jackson - Remember the time

Just cause a night out aint a night out without some MJ...

8. TLC - Creep

I remember my mum used to have this tape in her car and some of my early memories are singing along to it with her! So this always makes me smile when I hear it...

9. Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation

I love tribe so much, their music is still so relevant and kendrick and J cole even sampled the baseline from this in 'Forbidden Fruit' again its more chill but I love to hear this when I'm out.