The Mispers Q and A plus playlist


We asked The Mispers to name their top 12 favourite songs. They kindly did, and so we have made a playlist from it. If you hadn’t twigged, it’s above this text.

The Mispers are quickly developing a reputation as one of London’s wilder bands. Their shows are as much about having a party as anything else, as this attitude seems to run through their music. They play an energetic style of folk gypsy rock. There is a video of theirs at the bottom of the page, so you can make your own mind up.

We asked them a few questions about nights out, What their name means (interesting answer), and who they’d like to be stuck on a remote island with.

How are you, and what are you up to at the moment? 

Indeed the mood is chipper in Camp Mispers at the moment. We're currently in the middle of a UK tour supporting Saint Raymond. Next stop Birmingham. 

You have a new EP entitled ‘The Mispers’ coming out in April. What can you tell us about it, to whet peoples appetite? 

The 4 track bundle is a little look into The Mispers' 2013. A year fuelled by sell out shows in London. Featuring the lead track brother which was tipped as Zane Lowe's 'next hype' on Radio 1. 

You’ve got an extremely interesting sound. It has obvious elements of rock, some folk and then a bit of gypsy. How has this come together, and when you’re forced to put yourself in a genre box what do you do? 

That's a scary period for everyone involved. Usually it doesn't come to it but I suppose alternative rock is a term we're all learning to live with. 

If I were to turn on your iPod now, what would be playing? 

Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna

In the video for ‘Brother’ you’re having a pretty wild night. Are your Friday evenings usually like that? 


“Just enjoy relationships for what they are.” is a quote from the band. How does this manifest itself in your life? 

I'm still Jenny from the block. 

Tell us about the time you spent in Australia…

Jack followed Joey out on a drunken punt after being fired from series of shit jobs having met in Camden. The time was mostly spent writing bad songs refusing to get jobs. Being extremely broke was a running theme. Busked our way round the country and found solace in a lovely lady's garage for 6 weeks. 

You’re becoming famous for putting on spectacular shows. What is the philosophy behind the live act? 

Typically there's a few natural born show offs in the band. But I guess we believe it’s important to really put on a show for the crowd. The idea that someone can come away from a show genuinely feeling excited, for reasons that backing tracks and strobe lights can't provide. 

Who would be your 3 desert island buddies, and why?

Dennis Bergkamp

Jennifer Lawrence 

Buzz Killington 

What is a Misper? 

Misper is a police term - when someone has been reported missing for a period of 48 hours they're placed on whats known as the mispers list. Standing for missing person. Deep right? 

What exciting stuff is coming up for you guys? 

Delving deeper into the world of recording with 3 more e.p.s in the next 9 months and plans for an album in February. Gigging schedule looks busy with some cool looking shows all over Europe. Starting to jump on the UK festival band wagon with slots at Secret Garden Party, Great Escape and Kendal Calling. Also a series of residency style shows at secret locations in London during June.... 

The 12 tracks they picked to make up their playlist.

Sam Smith - Money On My Mind

Banks - Before I Ever Met You

Gary Clark Jr. - Numb

All The Colours - Shame

Jungle - The Heat

Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool

Tame Impala - Alter Ego

Two Door Cinema Club - Wake Up

The Staves - Facing West

Daughter - Home

Syd Arthur - Ode To The Summer

Arcade Fire - Reflektor