Saint Raymond [q and a]


Hi Callum, how are you, and what were you up to the second before you started answering our questions?

 I'm good, thanks! I was on the sofa with my dog.

You have a new release ‘Ghosts EP’ coming out in May. What’s the vibe going to be? Anything that will take us by surprise?

I think it's going to carry on in a similar fashion to my previous EP’s but also taking the steps towards the sound of the album where I think there will be some surprises.

You’ve been supporting Haim on tour. That must have been insane! Tell us a story, or two!

That tour was insane, they are the sweetest girls. Nothing too wild happened as it was a long old tour but on the last night the girls ran up the dressing room to bring me and the band champagne to say thanks, which was very sweet.

If I were to turn on your iPod now, what would be playing? 

Arab Strap – The First Big Weekend 

What are the plans for the album? 

At the moment I’m starting to piece it all together and plan it out but it's not too far away now and I'm so excited for it!

Picture a boatshed on a beach. What’s inside?

A little stove, sofa and lots of hot chocolate.

What is your favourite place in the world, and what song would you listen to while you were there? 

My favourite place is back home in Nottingham but apart from there, Finland is pretty insane. I would listen to Bon Iver.

You’ve done some recording in L.A. Was it good, and did you feel like a massive dog?

It is good fun out there I think there is obviously all the cliche LA things but working out there isn't too dissimilar to over here: the weather is a bonus!

Scenario - you’re headlining the Royal Albert Hall and the promoter asks you for your rider requirements. You’re hitting the BIG TIME, so you can have anything. What do you want? 

Jennifer Lawrence? Haha. I'm quite easily pleased actually.  I’d be happy with a Nandos and lots of beer and ale. Maybe they could set me up a proper bar so I could feel like I own one for the night.

Is Robin Hood a big deal in Nottingham? 

Not really, although it's a good conversation starter when you’re out of the UK.

What going to happen in the next year? 

The album of course and lots of summer festivals and just keep playing more shows - that's what I love.