Melt Yourself Down - Interview


I was told about Melt Yourself Down by a friend. Based purely on their name, I approached with caution. My presumptions were correct – they are apocalyptic, and brilliantly so. Their music is extremely hard to define, but I will give it a go. It is samba, jungle and African beats, with heavy horns, some blasting synths, funky bass and tribal sounding vocals. It sounds like this could produce a cacophony, but the result is spectacular – helped by the obviously high level of musicianship.

Their song ‘Fix My Life’ has become one of my top 5 songs of the summer and they have galloped into my real favourite bands over the past couple of months. They’re fresh, fun and bloody funky! Have a go!

I have been lucky enough to pose the band a few questions. Here is what they had to say.

First things first. Can you tell us where you are all from, and how you got together?

We are all based in London, apart from me who lives in Hastings. But Kush is from Mauritius, Ruth from the Tirol, Tom from London, Shabaka from Barbados, Satin hails from Nigeria and I'm from Southampton!

I’ve been listening to your debut (self titled) album a lot, and it is an incredible fusion of styles and types of music. How would you describe your music?

People Music

If I were to turn on your Ipod now, what would be playing?

'Baba Ramdev' by Musafir, from the album Gypsies From Rajasthan

You’ve got a reputation for delivering a thunderous live performance. Do you have any ways of geeing yourself up for them, or does it just flow?

Star jumps and pogoing!

How would you describe the feeling of playing live?

Like a Marine Corps training exercise, with trance-like musical intensity and a strong desire to melt the audience down.

Where do you guys draw inspiration? Places, bands, elements of life...

All of it! But mostly Egypt and London I guess. Mind you I'm listening to stuff from all over the world all the time so it's a pretty global outlook.

Can you tell us a story of debauchery or naughtiness?

Oh yes, but maybe over a beer sometime!

What would your superpower be?

The powers of an ENFP. (Google it..)

What is the best lesson that life has taught you?

"The weakness of the person is that he doesn't recognise his strength. He looks at the other. When the other is found to be stronger that is when you become weaker. If your sight is stuck on the other, it's never on yourself - you're bound to be weak." Sri Sri

Do you have plans for the next record? Are there new songs circling around?

There are always new songs circling round, hoping to have more soon !

What do you do to relax?


Where do you see the project going?

All over the world hopefully!

Have a listen to 'Fix My Life' below. The video will BLOW YOUR MIND!