The Savage Nomads [Interview]


The Savage Nomads are a South London based Indie Pop Rock band. They were once described by Artrocker as having produced ‘This years best debut album from a British band’. Check out the video below for a taste.

We’ve asked them a few questions. This savagery ensued…

First things first, for those who don’t know – who are you guys, and what do you do?

We are The Savage Nomads and we like to plug in our guitars, computers, synths to the generator. We drink the finest wine, watch pretentious foreign films and read haikus backstage. South London is super hip these days so this is par for the course. I stage dive at the bussey building every night. We play pop songs to the masses.

You guys have got a new single – tell us about it…

Jaded Edges is a three-minute wonder: bubblegum pop with a vivacious hellacious chorus. You haven't heard a chorus like that in a long time. A buddy of mine in a blossoming band said it was a cracker 'cos it fires off two choruses in 35 seconds and since he said that I'm trying to write songs now that are entirely one chorus and that consist entirely of two chords. If the beat's all right, you'll dance all night. It's actually a total kick writing pop songs these days, we didn't used to so much but I think josh (lead guitar) and I have gotten fully into it. Crafting love songs is a great way to idle away the hours before bed.

Where do you think your sound comes from? Are you all coming from the same direction musically, or are there people pulling in different directions? (Not necessarily a bad thing)

We are all essentially thinking one communal thought. We realised the other day that our drummer, Pete, is actually a robot so he's just programmed himself into the nomad tuning which is a real groovy sound. We owe it all to the Austin powers score and the dazed and confused soundtrack whilst we're on depicting the 70s in the 90s. That's what all the cool bands are doing now, deploying one decade in another. Pete likes Phil Collins which has opened my eyes up completely. I was singing Coldplay's 'Fix You' at the top of my lungs on a coach to the airport the other day. The possibilities are endless.

If I were to turn on your iPod now, what would be playing?

I do think Kendrick Lamar's LP is a masterpiece and all the ad ons (the remixes and that recent 'control' song). I've been listening to some naked and the famous; I dig their chunky synths. Quite m83 who I also love, I saw them play a killer show in Paris last year. Rory (bass) and josh and I have been listening to The Cars who are pretty cool, someone said Jaded Edges sounds like those guys so that's cool. People used to say we sound like talking heads and that's pretty flattering too, I'm well into my David Byrne and his recent album with St. Vincent. Scorcher.

How did you all meet?

In a bunker. Online.

Do you think being in South London has had an impact on the band?

Well I think we are quite lucky to love where we've grown up. Pete's from Prague of course but the rest of us are pretty proud to be from south. I think it's a great thing too, this influx of more people into Brixton, Peckham, Camberwell. If only there was somewhere that sold iced green tea then it'd have everything. Could do with more affordable massages also.

Where did the name come from?

From the Bronx. See 80 Block's from Tiffany's. It is a marvelous documentary. See mean streets after that. They're not really related but almost cut from the same cloth.

What would your superpower be?

To control time, obviously. That's the best one. Also it'd be great to fix your hair in any hairstyle with the click of a finger.

How does the songwriting process happen? Are there things that you draw repeated inspiration from?

That's quite a doozy of a question. I don't wanna reveal everything haha but lyrically I pick up things everywhere and I just scribble it down all the time. I mean from everywhere, something from headstone in a graveyard made it's way into the happiest song on the new record. I don't really know where the songs come from, josh and I wrote them in my flat in Camberwell. Locked up like Stalin's gulag workers. I have really gotten into crafting love songs. It is a tough question that one.

Can you tell us a story from a big night out?

There once was a woman named Jill

Who swallowed an exploding pill

They found her vagina

In North Carolina

And her tits in a tree in Brazil

What is the plan for the next year?

To get humongous. In terms of our weight. Marlon Brando depression era. We want to put out a tonne of great music, of course.