Wild Swim [Interview]


Wild Swim is a band that we have been keeping an eye on for a while. I remember thinking, when they released their first single ‘Echo’, that they were a serious band. They have now released a few more songs, and the quality has only improved. They play an incredible mix of minimalist electro with some indie-rock and pop. All of this is fronted by operatic-style vocals. Have a listen to the track that's below, and read what they have to say about some of the more pressing issues facing us today.

For those who don’t know you - what’s the Wild Swim vibe, who are you, and what kind of music do you make?

Well I can tell you that Wild Swim is Richard Sansom (vocals), Carlos Posada (keys, guitar), Jamie Jay (keys, guitar, electronics), Sam Robinson (drums), Jacob Lively (bass). We make music that's draws influence from the artists that we collectively admire, but also music that stands up on its own and that we believe, most importantly, is worth hearing.

If you were stranded on a desert island, whom would you like to be with? If you’re struggling, you can have two people.

Richard Kiel.

What is there for us to look forward to in terms of releases? An Album?

We're currently working on our debut album with Steve Osborne in Bath, which is due for release in early 2014. Before that though we'll be releasing our next single New Dawn on 21st October this year. So lots to look forward to.

If I were to turn your iPod on now, what would be playing?

Maybe 'Venus As a Boy' by Björk, or 'Swanlights' by Antony and the Johnsons. Really getting back into my favourite big singers for the album recording process.

Can you describe a moment of real ecstasy with the band?

A moment that springs to mind was a gig at Koko in London which had a sort of arena feel to it. In particular, the moment in which the curtain rose as we began to play 'Bones' was a proper spine-tingler.

Where is the wildest swim you have ever had?

Lough Hyne in Ireland was hardcore. It's a lake that's fed by the sea so it shares the black coastal waters. Gnarly as hell.

How did you all meet, and how long have you been playing together for?

We've been playing together since we were about 12. A few of us were in some dorky little bands before then but we all met and started to play together properly in secondary school.

I’ve heard word that one of you is learning to be a tailor. Can you tell us a bit more about this, and perhaps what the rest of you are up to when not playing together?

I (Richard) have finished tailoring now but whilst I was training I was based in London with an aim to become an employed apprentice in a decent establishment out there. Though I respect the tailoring world massively and met so many wonderful people during my time there, Wild Swim has become something that I care about much more. Unfortunately I'm only able to give one of the two my full time. Sam's studying philosophy at Cardiff, Jamie's at Leeds studying music and both Carlos and Jacob just finished studying music at Oxford.

A group of lads is always going to get into trouble at some point. Tell us about a time when you have misbehaved, or had a particularly wild time.

Fireworks indoors when the coast was clear was pretty massive.

What is the plan? Where do you see this being in 2 years time?

We need to build a pedestal for ourselves to be heard from so up until the album's release we'll be trying to get our ugly mugs out in the open as much as possible. We have so much to give that I think we're playing the long game so, in 2 years time, we'll be on that pedestal.

Here is a stream of the bands’ new single ‘New Dawn’, out 21st October 2013.