Amber Run [Q and A]


First things first. Big piece of news from you guys. You’ve changed your name. What’s going on there?

were having real trouble with another artist on key platforms for sharing and playing our music. We also didn't want to have a lawsuit on our hands in 2 years time. It was stressful but the switch has happened so now we can get on with all the fun stuff!

To someone who had never heard of you, or heard your music, how would you sell yourselves and your music?

5 music lovers and friends trying to make music they love. No pretense here. It'd be great if everyone loved the music as much as we do. But you don't have too if it's not your thing. We've described it before as Thai-Folk Fusion.

You’re about to go on tour in The UK. What are your feelings about this? Is there a level of anxiety before heading out on the road?

We are so excited. Literally cannot wait. Want to get out and play live to anyone and everyone who will listen. We've been practicing for months so to finally get out on the road is a real treat. It's definitely the most gratifying part of being in a band: Playing a show and seeing people really feeling it.

How did you all meet?

Tom, Will and I (Joe) went to school together. Felix was a friend from another school close by. Henry was Tom's next-door neighbour in out first year at Nottingham.

Can you tell us a story of naughtiness or debauchery from a night with the band?

Felix is a tragic lightweight - so whenever he drinks it's pretty eventful. He tends to black out. Bless him.

If you had to compare the band to a famous gang or team, who would they be?

Obviously The Fellowship Of The Ring.

You have a new single ‘Heaven’ coming out on the 25th November. Where did the inspiration for this song come from?

We started working on it when we were staying in Wales, which I think really made an impact to cinematic qualities of the song. The lyrics themselves are about Girls. Classic girls being difficult. But we've always wanted to write tunes that are accessible from lots of angles.

If I were to turn on your iPod now, what would be playing?

We all listen to such different music! If you were to pick up my Ipod... I've been listening to a lot of Jeff Buckley recently.

What does your house look like on the inside?

An absolute slum. Basically unlivable.

What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

I called my headmaster dad once. That was pretty tragic. Henry was so crippled by a rejection from a girl that he fell in a pool. Will has an atrocious amount of voice breaks - always a classic. Tom - seems to have lived a charmed. Felix - any and every time he drinks. We need to reinforce how much of a lightweight he really is.

What is the plan for the next 3 years?

Release an album. Play a million shows. Should probably clean our house sometime soon now you’ve brought it up.

Thanks a lot for the questions. Have a good day.

The new single, 'Heaven'.