It’s never good to have really high expectations of a band before seeing them live. It is especially dangerous when you no idea of what they are going to be like because, from my experience, you are likely to be let down. Unfortunately this was the case at STRFKR on Wednesday evening.

I had been psyching myself up for this gig for a about week and whether it was the severe amount of indie teenagers mooching around thinking they were the shit, or the 5-6 track period near the start of their set in which I couldn’t differentiate any of the tracks that most annoyed me, I’m not sure. I think that my lack of enthusiasm for the night was probably a combination of the two.

I may have been a little harsh so far, so from now on I will try and look at it from a glass-half-full perspective.

The opening track Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second was cracking and a personal favorite of mine from their ‘Starfucker’ debut album from back in 2008. Check it out below.

Although their stage presence was fairly average, they did have audio playing in between every track. These sounded similar to a President doing a speech - or something along those lines. To me, this was an extremely clever way of linking the entire set. At no point did it not flow, even when they started switching around drummers.

Highlight of the night was 100% the cover of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls just Want To Have Fun. They nailed it. And judging the reactions of everyone around me, they agreed.

Although I have slightly slated STRFKR, I do genuinely think that they are a good band and worth giving a chance if you are new to them. Everyone has their off days and perhaps this was case on Wednesday evening. I’m going to leave you with a new track from them. When you’ve listened to this, you will understand the high expectations I had.

By Emma Boyle