Wyldeck [Live]


It’s a rainy November’s night, and fresh from conducting a jovial interview on the backstairs of the Sebright Arms with the friendly four that are Wyldeck, we head downstairs to the wicked little basement venue below.

From their waiflike single Wolves you’d be forgiven for thinking Wyldeck are quite a measured live act, all ethereal harmonies and delicate layers. Within minutes these preconceptions are erased as Cece Wyldeck and her unkempt bandmates open with bluesy bombast. There is an obvious musical chemistry between the four long-time friends and despite Wyldeck being Cece’s surname, each member is clearly equally valued, adding their own touches to the band’s classic songwriting style.

Cece’s hair hangs long, draped over her resonator guitar, as her powerful voice holds soaring notes above Dom Cheung’s rhythmic lead. He bobs back and forth behind his guitar, a riff suddenly emanating outward, then falling back into the mix. His notes harmonise with Cece’s voice as she sings, “You’re the enemy… living in this wonderland.” Jacob Hollebon provides a sturdy backing with strummed bass chords. Notable is the complete absence of backing vocals. It’s testament to Cece’s vocal, which carries the dark basement effortlessly.

When so many do nowadays, it’s refreshing to see that Wyldeck do not shy away from the usual rock band tricks. Guitar solos, bass improvs and encouragement for the crowd to dance are all there. And yet the too-big-for-their-boots swagger that often accompanies such antics is entirely absent. Their talent is obvious and their music genuine. Clamours for more are satiated by an encore number that sounds so classic I assume it’s a cover. When I quiz Cece after though, she assures me she wrote it in ten minutes before band practice. There’s serious talent here – go catch it while it’s fresh.

By Tom Phelan