Rhodes [Live]


Alone onstage the vulnerability of 24 year old Rhodes’ delicate but charged approach to music is laid bare for all those crammed into Dalston’s cosy Servant Jazz Quarters.

A solo artist whose coming-of-age lyrics are cleverly strung over simple electric guitars, he fills a peculiar space between his James Blake vocals and Daughter style arrangements.

This short seven song solo set was an intimate showcase of his debut EP ‘Raise Your Love’ featuring the melancholic and nostalgic single Run and fragile track Always.

What Rhodes does best is simply open his mouth, with stunning falsetto vocals ringing through a spellbound audience time and time again. He commands absolute silence and goes within himself to create these magical highs and lows that carry the audience along with him.

Airing a new untitled track to close his set, his humble sensibilities and subtle intuitive song writing will definitely put Rhodes in the mix next year.