Phoria [Live]


On a very chilly (surprise, surprise) Friday a bunch of my friends were all going out together. I opted out to go and see one of my favorite bands at the moment, Phoria, and what a cracking decision that was! The next day, whilst they were all nursing horrific hangovers I was sitting listening to Phoria’s EP from 2013, Bloodworks, reminiscing on what a brilliant show I had seen the night before.

The signs were all pointing in the direction of this being a gig to remember. A string quartet accompanied the 5-piece from Brighton, there were projections of patterns and shapes onto the back wall and ceiling of the stage – all to help the super-multi-talented band.

As we got a few tracks into the set, I realised that I had slightly underestimated what these guys could do. They have a huge variation in their catalogue of music but have retained a euphoric signature throughout. During the set we experienced more upbeat, heavy electronic sounds to an acoustic guitar accompanied by the string quartet.

The highlight of the evening was when they played their most well known track Red. The build up during the song complemented by the strings was blissful, almost hypnotising, especially with the music video being projected above. If you’re new to this band then listen to Red and Posture, and be sure to remember the name, it could set you in good stead for the next year.