The Lucid Dream [Live]


Tucked away below the Three Crowns pub, The Waiting Room looks more like a sauna than a gig venue on first viewing - with its wood paneled walls giving the room a distinctly Scandinavian look.

Any fears that my housemate Alex and I had mistakenly turned up to a group bathing session were quashed as the evening’s first, and best band Whistlejacket took to the stage. A melding of Nirvana and My Bloody Valentine, their singles March Hare and Shimmer sounded excellent live. Once they were done, the band decided to tie their amps to longboards to transport them home. Pretty gnarly stuff.

Next up was Moksha Medicine, whose brand of psych-rock sounded great. Frontwoman Rosanna Dean’s vocals were particularly ferocious and gave tremendous power to the band’s tracks.

By the time the night’s headline act The Lucid Dream took to the stage the room had filled up nicely. Unfortunately, the band weren’t much to shout about. The four-piece started with a long reverb drenched intro. This was a sign of things to come, as the band tried their best to make every track a crescendo. Without the painfully long intros and outros The Lucid Dream have got some decent tunes. Unfortunately, they forgot they were playing The Waiting Room, rather than headlining Glastonbury. Guys, shut up and play the hits.