Hozier [Live]


After a frustratingly long wait for a couple of beers, it was time to make our way up the stairs into the ultra-packed venue. There was an excited buzz amongst the crowd, accentuated by the incredible array of instruments and microphones spread around the stage - just waiting to be brought to life.

As soon as the Irish artist was on stage with his band and backing singers, it became very obvious why this man is currently being swamped by “important” people - all trying to get their own piece of his beautifully intense music. However, it is apparent some of the set still needs work as tracks like Take Me To Church and From Eden are currently sitting in another league. Never-the-less, I was captivated by his entire show and the fire of my obsession with Hozier's music has had a large bucket of petrol thrown over it.

The new EP 'From Eden' is available for you to get your hands on on the 31st March. Get it. Costs 3/4 a pint, and once listen through will last longer.