Dan Croll [Live]


A young and excited crowd was waiting for Dan Croll as he stepped out on to the stage in north London, and not even Croll himself could hide his astonishment at how many people had come to see him on a cold Wednesday night in March. With his debut album released only a few weeks ago, it's evident that this was one of, if not the biggest gig Croll had ever played, and while he seemed very comfortable on stage, he was clearly humbled by being faced with a venue quite so bursting-at-the-seams.

His vocals were flawless and backed by some sweet harmonies from the rest of his band - who stood around him, dotted between tall lamps and oversized lightbulbs. However, a lack of variation and dynamics in his writing resulted in a set of disposable pop songs that left a lot to the imagination. It was hard to gain anything from the show, and despite a crowd that was appreciative after every song, I fear that both the gig and the music will soon be forgotten by most. I left Scala not feeling sad, or disappointed, but…well, nothing.