Olympians - Adventure Gun EP


The term Math-Rock is often banded around, and it is used liberally when trying to describe Olympians. It is a term that conjures images of pencil twiddling, large bespectacled nerds using their oversized heads to overcome number based problems, the complexity of which would baffle all but the steeliest academics. When this is applied to music I always imagine it will be clever, probably include some beeps (reminiscent of old-fashioned calculators or computers) and be on a level that most wont be able to identify with - certainly not understand. Olympians have thankfully managed to bring this into the realm of the beautiful - we all love a roller coaster, but that doesn't mean we necessarily understand the physics behind gravity.

Their latest release, Adventure Gun EP, is a record of finely calculated and crafted sounds, clever rhythms and some reassuringly poignant lyrics. The opening track Mountains is a plethoric mixture of buzzing and whirring syhths that writhe and turn over the thick harmonies. I was particularly taken with the line - 'So why do you look so upset when they knocked your house down to build a road that could set you free?' - Eloquence rarely found amongst archetypal mathematicians.

Filling My Head has a tenderer feel, and moves away from what the band have produced before and into a more thoughtful space. There are two sides of music. There is music that is song driven - carried by composition alone, and there is music that feels sound driven - where a sonic landscape is the ultimate goal. Olympians have obviously given a lot of thought to both of these elements of music production. The songs are catchy and memorable and obviously meticulously put together. This EP sounds really great.

The band has moved from Norwich, their hometown, to London. They have been performing a lot, including a show with Spring Offensive. The Great Escape will be graced by them this year and they're playing in The Old Blue Last (London) later in May. Well worth a look in if you can!