The Districts [EP]


If you are looking for the next bringers of resplendent noise, then look no further. Fresh-faced four piece The Districts from Lititz, Philadelphia have been causing a stir ever since the release of Telephone — or even more notably a HotBox Studio Session that made it viral on Reddit. The band, who showcased sublime DIY since 2009, have recently signed to Fat Possum and with such a feat comes the release of the new self-titled EP.

If you watch the session of Funeral Beds — which bares the cogs of this bands inner workings— you can’t help but see the rawness of it all, and it’s been fully encapsulated on this release. Opener Rocking Chair heads full swing in a rock and roll direction, with accompanying oohs and ahhs over fully distorted guitar riffs that assert The Districts’ sturdy wall of noise.

But if that’s not quite your cup of tea, it’s worth fast-forwarding to Funeral Beds, (Originally featured on Telephone, and the track responsible for the bands new found notoriety) a harmonica driven offering that stands out with its catchy pre-choruses and melodic riffs. It’s an addictive listen that leans more in the country direction. Lead singer Rob Grote’s vocals are strained, throaty and intense; pulling through the garage rock aspect as the song builds into a cacophonous barricade.

Funeral Beds’ predecessor Lylachanges the pace of the five track EP. Its lazy twangs and wrought vocals are a homage to love - past and future. Long Distance is just as catchy. Its lulling riffs once again intensify at its climax. The Districts are very good at causing a racket. Throughout this whole record, it’s the tight mix of two styles, raw vocals and simple structures that make the whole thing melodious and engaging.

The Districts are garage-rock-come-country at its finest. While they might be signed, this EP still has something a little DIY and unseasoned about it. The Districts are about to begin a US tour in support of White Denim. If you can, go.