KHUSHI - Single Launch


As someone who goes to see quite a few unsigned bands in London, I am well versed at trying to comfort the band by looking big in my quarter of the venue floor space. No such consideration will be needed at a KHUSHI show. A brief post-performance conversation with a charming girl who works with the band revealed that they had about 100 more people in there than was official capacity. Everybody there got the difficult decision about what to do with their evening plans absolutely right. It was a treat.

I’d heard a song of KHUSHI’s the day before, after a friend had suggested we might pop down to the show. It was his new single ‘Magpie’, which I think is a brilliant song. It displays everything that KHUSHI do right. It begins with the solitary strumming of his resonator guitar and slowly synths begin to ripple over the strums, these are closely followed by Kalim Patel’s smooth lead vocals. The track builds into a rushing and euphoric chorus. They have a brilliant knack of building up to choruses that really let fly.

It will be exactly this catchy-chorus-writing that will set them in good stead. In terms of the key ingredients I think that KHUSHI are looking pretty good. Kalim Patel has a distinctive voice and a very obvious knack for writing excellent indie-pop songs. They also sound brilliant. Their mix of heavy bass lines, fantastic sounding synths and Kalim up front strumming and singing, is a winner.

If you don’t mind being the sardine at the bottom of the tin then I’d strongly encourage you to go and see the next live show. If you have a more delicate constitution then perhaps just have a listen to the new single ‘Magpie’. We’ve made it easy for you and put it below!