Tundra - 'Alice'


A lot of music has a short shelf life. Its tone or sound will resonate with a fairly niche crowd, before becoming outdated or superseded. One of those genres is certainly dreamy synth-pop. What is in vogue today can feel stayed and cliché the next. What stands above a fad is excellent songwriting. Well-composed songs will live for longer – their existence relying on more than just sounding good.

This is where the debut song, ‘Alice’, from London based band Tundra comes in. This is heavily produced stuff – with a sound that has been micro-tweaked to produce something from within a very specific vision. The really exciting part is that on top of sounding great, the songwriting is also right up there.

It is a heavy plodding song that mixes deep electronic drums with clean electric guitar and twisting synths. These are covered in airy vocals that seep through the song. I strongly encourage you to have a listen to the stream below.

Based on the strength of this first song, I think that Tundra have the capacity to produce some corking stuff.